Andrea Busnelli

Experienced manager, business developer and engineer in the professional world.  Adventure traveler, amateur photographer, technology enthusiast and endorphins addicted in real life. Forever curious as a child, constantly searching for new places to discover, always amazed by the myriad different cultures in our world.

A Few Words

AlphaHutte is a personal website dedicated to some of my interests: travel, photography, hiking, skiing, mountain biking, science and technology. However, since I get interested in so many things, even more topics show up from time to time… Apart from stories, reviews and articles, AlphaHutte is above all a showcase for my photographs. Photography has been a growing passion, together with adventure travel and exploring cultures, even if somewhat troubling and exhausting. Something which I’m constantly trying to improve at, although never reaching full satisfaction. Nevertheless, if not always perfect, I hope my shots convey some of the wonder and shear pleasure I get in discovering new places and different cultures. Enjoy the visit!

Once Upon A Time

AlphaHutte was born in 1997. Named Altitude 4000, it was originally hosted in what I believe was the most brilliant internet community of all times: Geocities. In the years, pages kept growing together with my fun in maintaining a website and interacting with visitors. In May 1999, Altitude 4000 was elected “Geocities Landmark Site” and during that period I was simply flooded with visitors and mails and reviews. Since then I refreshed the looks several times, Geocities was bought by Yahoo! and my spare time reduced more and more. Finally, in 2004, I decided to rename the site AlphaHutte and give it a proper domain. What you see now is the blog version first published in May 2007 and periodically redesigned.

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