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Malaysia Here I Come!

In a few days I will finally be leaving for Malaysia on a volunteering program (see my earlier post). Needless to say I’m very excited and more and more conscious, as departure approaches, this will prove a great experience from which I will learn a lot.

Corporate Social Responsibility with a Twist

In a few weeks I’ll be leaving on another great trip… this time not for tourism but on a much more serious challenge. Together with eight other great people from around the world (Yolanda, Maya, Priscilla, Etienne, Masaru, Trin, Kevin, Dennis) I’ll be part of a Corporate Service Corps team to Malaysia.

The Home Project

A few weeks ago a friend pointed me to a movie available on YouTube called Home. I was expecting just an interesting environmentalist movie… what I found is an extraordinary piece of work. Issues affecting environment and life on our planet are described through absolutely stunning aerial views and an inspiring soundtrack.