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Men at market in Sodo

Market in Sodo

Markets are always a joy to explore… full of colors, smells and interesting encounters! In Ethiopia, the experience is amazing because people have such an…

4×4 Trip to the Algerian Sahara

Around New Year’s Eve I was in the south of Algeria for a one-week trip to the Sahara. The desert has always fascinated me: the colors, the silence, the solitude all create an environment of sheer beauty. I have been to the Namib, the Taklimakan and some of the great American deserts but never to the Sahara which to me represents the greatest desert of all. I found out that the south of Algeria is probably the best place to start discovering the Sahara and in this post I’ll go through my trip.


Namibia is still relatively unknown to tourist masses but hides incredible treasures: amazing wildlife, diverse tribal populations and infinite landscapes in a galaxy of light…