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Christmas Markets to Get in the Mood

As Christmas approaches, I get asked by many friends which are the nicest Christmas markets to visit and to start getting in the mood for the festivities. Some years ago, I’ve visited each year a different market of the many available in Italy, France, Austria, Germany and this explains my reputation as a “Christmas markets expert”. I know I’ve seen only some of the most famous markets and many more I have yet to visit but I think I can give some good advice anyway.

Zermatt-Monte Rosa Hutte

Switzerland’s Valais is without doubt one of the most fascinating regions of the Alps. In particular, the surroundings of Zermatt offer many breathtaking excursions that let you enjoy the spectacular views of Matterhorn and Monte Rosa (two of the highest peaks in the Alps). This review describes a very nice one-day trek to Monte Rosa Hutte departing from Zermatt and characterized by mixed terrain hiking including parts on glaciers and moraines as well as traditional dirt trails.


Matterhorn is without any doubt the most spectacular peak in the Alps. Located between Switzerland and Italy and famous for its particular shape that looks like a horn, it’s also one of the most climbed mountain-tops in the world. This review describes a very nice one-day trek that starts from Zermatt (in Switzerland’s Valais), reaches Hornlihutte where most of expeditions on Matterhorn depart and goes back to start point running through a valley lateral to the one where Zermatt lies.