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Travel Posters from a Golden Age

The first part of 20th century saw the birth of leisure travel. At first driven by railways and ocean liners, mainly in Europe and the US, it was later dominated by airlines that opened up the globe to adventure-seekers. It was an era of luxurious and elegant travel, privilege of a small but growing elite that progressively expanded their world from hometowns and country cottages to national and later far-flung destinations. It was the “Golden Age of Travel”.

6 milliards d’Autres

Yesterday I was in Rome and while strolling towards the city center I passed by Mercati di Traiano (Trian’s Markets) and was attracted by the William Klein exhibition. Moreover, during my many visits to Rome I had never visited the Markets which is a fascinating complex of ancient roman ruins that overlooks Via dei Fori Imperiali and the Vittoriano.