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Human Rights Photography

I was recently impressed by a photo essay on burn Magazine about rape issues in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The essay is by Argentinian photographer Walter Estrada and, through very strong and disturbing shots, depicts widespread violence and extreme brutality where rape is used as a weapon of war in the conflict that continues affecting the Congolese region.

6 milliards d’Autres

Yesterday I was in Rome and while strolling towards the city center I passed by Mercati di Traiano (Trian’s Markets) and was attracted by the William Klein exhibition. Moreover, during my many visits to Rome I had never visited the Markets which is a fascinating complex of ancient roman ruins that overlooks Via dei Fori Imperiali and the Vittoriano.

Malaysia Here I Come!

In a few days I will finally be leaving for Malaysia on a volunteering program (see my earlier post). Needless to say I’m very excited and more and more conscious, as departure approaches, this will prove a great experience from which I will learn a lot.

Corporate Social Responsibility with a Twist

In a few weeks I’ll be leaving on another great trip… this time not for tourism but on a much more serious challenge. Together with eight other great people from around the world (Yolanda, Maya, Priscilla, Etienne, Masaru, Trin, Kevin, Dennis) I’ll be part of a Corporate Service Corps team to Malaysia.

The Home Project

A few weeks ago a friend pointed me to a movie available on YouTube called Home. I was expecting just an interesting environmentalist movie… what I found is an extraordinary piece of work. Issues affecting environment and life on our planet are described through absolutely stunning aerial views and an inspiring soundtrack.