Viscri and its Fortified Church

Nowadays, Transylvania is known more for legends about vampires than anything else. It’s unfortunate since this historical region, in the central part of Romania, features beautiful landscapes and is a testament of a rich rural culture from centuries ago. The village of Viscri, north of Brasov, is a hidden gem not to be missed. Old saxon houses from the 18th century, painted in lively colors, border the main road where only a few ducks and water from a wooden fountain break the silence. A side alley leads up a small hill to the old 13th century fortified church, a very well preserved and exquisite building that speaks stories from the past. The small museum inside the church’s walls explains the simple yet genuine life that once occurred in the village. While I lingered some more through the village, I could only enjoy the peaceful silence and, as always, remind myself about the shear pleasure that comes from traveling off the beaten track.

Shot in July 2016 using an iPhone 6.